Optimize business continuity, improve regulation management and enable quicker recovery from unanticipated disasters

In today's interconencted world which works around the clock and where every aspect of your company's operation is vulenrable to disruptions, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery is vital to business success.  
In competitive environment, even minutes of downtime could prove fatal.  So, how do determine resiliency and recovery requirements of your business?  How do you identify and integrate critical business and IT into a robust continuity and resiliency program?


Icon’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services can help you maintain near-continuous business operations and assist in managing regulatory compliance and improved systems availability.  Our services take you from planning and design through implementation and management, with a stronger commitment to understanding your ever-changing business requirements.

Our BC & DR service helps: BCP - 4

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Define and establish Continuity Process
  • Prepare for planned and unplanned disruptions
  • Restoration of data after an outage
  • Manage government regulations that apply to Business Continuity

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